Monday, 11 August 2014

Shoddy work of Sime Darby Property - part 2 of 3


So, we went to see the manager of the town ship...Not much of  discussion was held just some words of compensation from them due to this hassle..At least some courtesy there la kan.. We accepted the offer and about the senget wall, we were relieved that it was said "almost done" without major hacking...

Im glad  that they did not hack the whole wall as per proposed to us earlier :)

The skewed wall is on its way for fixing..lets wait for the final result!!!! and you know what, they also took the initiative to fix all the marked defects in the house even we did not lodge on those yet.. * dalam hati, boleh pun buat elok2*

Now that the wall issue is in its way, if you recall the points I shared about the pending defect checking, here are the updates so far...

1. To check for any water leakage : Not-so-water-ponding-test...Cover the water outlet drain in the toilets tightly by placing layers of tiles. Then turn on all toilet water taps (the  shower,sinks, and toilet bidet etc). Let it pool and check the water level from time to time. All completed bathroom flooring (with final finish in place) found within the residential units are advised to be ponded at least 24 hours on the
Do check for any water marks on any walls. ( NOT YET)

2. To check for any construction's residue in the aircond piping  : Im not sure how we are to do this, but a contractor once taught us to let the running water flow through the pipe and check if the water overflows back into the house. (NOT YET)

3.To check for any hollow in the tiled flooring (ground floor) : Knock gently on the floor and mark the hollow sound.

Result : We found few hollow tiles in the house.(mostly in the kitchen area)

4.Need to check any potential mosquitoes breeding area. The township has quite a number of dengue cases if its not a handful. Do watch out ya neighbors!

Result : On a high level, we did not see any........................yet

5.Crosschecks your house specs with the S&P signed.

Result : Hmmmm...Im not sure how to bring this up. Both brochure and S&P does not tally with the actual product. Toilets memang da 4 biji ja...macam mana la boleh salah ni...

The actual product and the S&P

The brochure

Hmm...That does not bother us much compared to the wall you know something about Sime Darby hah..even a simple brochure was not properly checked.....~hmmmm

Anyhow, there are A LOT of other defects too which we found :

1. Electrical issue : The electrical box at the gate for the auto gate : Boleh pula keluar air from the electrical box each time we turn on the outdoor water tap

2. Electrical issue : Theres only 1 switch in my utility room.1 switch for both lampu and what???? During the day pun kena pasang lampu meh? Sime darby...sime darby...

3. Electrical issue : Improper installation of switches that causes that current sound each time we switch on the ceiling lights. Gila dangerous!!!

4. Electrical issue : The 3-pin socket in the 'senget-room' eventually became only a 2-pin socket..tersumbat!!!

5.Electrical issue : The gate light point is mulfunction..HOW THE HACK THE QA WAS CONDUCTED!!!

6. Wet kitchen faucet boleh go round and round like a carousel...silly sime darby!!

7. The courtyard sliding door were missing with some screws...bergegar pintu den!

8. Squeeking sound on the wooden floor ....serious shoddy workmanship!!

Im so tired to list all the defects we seriously..tired and fed up and angry!!!


The architect : AbRazArkitek
Website :

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