Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Shoddy work of Sime Darby Property - part 3 of 3


We are so disappointed and angry with how Sime Darby are treating us now. Look at these time chronology:

1st complaint 25th July 2014 : Shoddy work of Sime Darby (part 1)

2nd update 11th August 2014 : Still shoddy fixing result (part 2)

3rd update 26th August 2014 : I posted this on FB. Such a service!

4th update 28th August 2014 : Obviously the wall is still not aligned. Helmi met up with those Sime Darby guys and they claimed the wall is fixed. Seriously you can forget about being nice to them because they said this to my husband --> "its up to the owner lah kalau hendak kami fix betul2 dinding ni". Hell yes we want you to fix it properly!!!

 I rest my case

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