Tuesday, 23 September 2014

White collar skills I chose to sacrifice


Jarang sekali I quibble about my work tetapi as a mom I feel like I need to let it out untuk sedapkan hati I ..... perhaps hati mommies di luar sana about pengorbanan career movement!  ;)

Nak kata Im stressed out with work, tak sangat..

Nak kata I hate my work, pun tak jugak..Im glad Allah s.w.t bagi chance for me to help others to save lives!
*attached in the healthcare industries, Doctor saap!

Stress sebab I envy / rindu working in a big big company like old times? Hmm...ntah lah..

Or perhaps stress sebab there are abundance of opportunities out there for me but seems so hard to  to say 'Yes' ,thinking of  that entity called 'family'..hmmm...perhaps..

Or perhaps Im bored in this IT line? or perhaps Im tired of being employed? hmm...

Or mungkin all these are due to aging issue? *mentang2 baru masuk umur 31..recently Im so tired and rasa sangat fedup with the management and policies and the people at work.

Tired of people who likes to be spoon-fed

Tired of people yang kemalasan and dunno-how-to-appreciate others

Tired of the laziness of certain people yang sangat malas to even come out with a simple solution

Tired of being in the team of 'yes-we-can-even-tho-we-cant-but-yes-we-can-do-ANYTHING'

Tired of the morning traffics...

Whinning tak habis kan...

To be frank, its not so hard pun sebenarnya...I dont really do challenging stuff like to the MAX anymore since Im attached to this new-&-very-near-to-home company. Position is good. Job scope is good..Projects are good cuma sometimes I rasa macam Im slowly disintegrating all my professional skills sebab managing projects yang lebih kurang sama ..tak pun,maybe stagnant like the placid waters of Lake Wakatipu...hmmm..dramatic sangat bunyiknya...rindu NZ tiba2..

But seriously, Im not doing any large scale projects any more. Just multiple medium scale projects concurrently.

Yes I avow handling medium scale projects memang sangat tenang..
  • Except for the part where I need to fly ..its like customary pula since this new IT Director came in..
  • And for the part where somebody is trying to impress the top top hats without realizing he is actually demoralizing the whole team

Whinning tak habis lagi kan...

Anyhow.. the fact of having a fat income annually (tak la fat sangat..UK size 1..eh tiba2 size baju) really buat I bersyukur dengan apa yang ada despite those not-so-big-issue yang I bebelkan...because if I look at the colossal amount of  hikmah He gave..masyaAllah..

I got a job nearer to home...

I got a job so near to Dahlia's school...

I got a job whereby I dont have to stay back late anymore...

I got a job where I dont have midnight , 2, 3 am calls anymore..

I got a job where I got to go home early and prepare hubby's dinner..prepare as in like masak okay..

I got a job where Im able to join the Maghrib pray jemaah in the mosque..

Or perhaps able to attend night al-quran classes..insyaAllah

I got a job where I can spend the evening with my baby girl before the sun goes down..

To compare with the white collar skills I chose to sacrifice

Banyak rahmat Allah bagi sebenarnya kan...kita saje tak sedar...

To all working mommies and full time homemaker out there yang kalau2 ada the same experience / feelings like me, lets pray to Allah s.w.t that we are sacrificing the dunia for the right cause..for Allah s.w.t semata-mata. :') InsyaAllah the reward that awaits lebih dari our expectations...

And also for mommies yang are determined on your career movement,go for it!!sebab ini mungkin your rezeki but dont ever lebihkan your dreams over the entity called 'family' alright.. ;)

Rezeki Allah s.w.t bukan pada dunia indeed.

P/s: Since obtaining a business licence on childcare center (legally) is becoming so hard nowadays..no thanks in a way toMBSA, perhaps I should observe on becoming a part time house interior designer? Or starting a nasi ayam / lemak business? Anybody keen to be my business partner? Like seriously!

Alhamdulillah :)

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Slightly a bigger home by Sime Darby - Part 3 of 3 ( Moving in preparation)


Crestfallen by the skewed wall (which is now being fixed AGAIN FOR THE 3RD TIME), we, on the other hand had to now start engaging contractors / designers to equip our house. We cant afford to wait any longer could we? At some future time, the house repayment will commence dah.

Sharing some info on the really basic needs

Essentials No. 1 - The grille 

Out of many grille companies that we have surveyed  two are of the same quality of workmanship.

They are :

New Gate Metal Sdn Bhd 
27-1-2, Jalan Setia Alam Prima (A),
U13/A, Setia Alam, Seksyen U13,
40170 Shah Alam

City Gate Metal & Security Door
Lot 7652, Second U6, Jalan Alfa D U6/D,
Pusat Perdagangan Subang Permai,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel/Fax : 03-7846 4333
Web : http://www.citygate.com.my

Price: About at that range compared to others.

Workmanship : Looking at the samples in the showroom, both work look pretty neat. Furthermore,we even showed them the sample house of a good grille workmanship and a not so good grille workmanship and they understood our expectation.

Contractor chosen:  Locked our deal with the City Gate. The total bill includes the normal powder coated grille for the whole house and the courtyard's pergola. 

Essentials No. 2 - The auto gate and house alarm

Planning to engage the person who did our house in Puncak Alam. En Johari

Price : About at that range with other contractors

Workmanship : So far, it was easy to deal with En Johari. No issue on after sales service.

Contact :(alamak forgot his contact #) will update soon insya Allah

Essentials No. 3 - The hacking & piping works

Kind of idiotic...Sime Darby allocated the AC power points and the pipe on the walls, but there were no copper pipe installed..like what are those for then that hacking work is still needed?

Jadinya, hacking jobs needed are for all the AC copper pipe installation..and alang kepalang for the relocation of power points for my kitchen appliances and what other else. *kalau ter-ada duit lebih wanna ask for some paint works too

Price : Among the 3 quotations from contractors, Trinity offers the best price.

Workmanship : They did our house in Puncak Alam and we were happy with the clean & neat work. Credited for their very neat tiling works.

Contractors surveyed: 

Essentials No. 4 - Curtains

Will have our first appointment at the house for free  measurements with Macy this coming Sunday. We went to 7 different curtain specialists. Two of which that Im more likely to tailor my curtain with...albeit they are a bit dear ..

1. Emylin in Shah Alam -->
Selections : Not so much to my liking. So datin-datin like. Me no like
Price : Ranges from RM70-RM90 per meter

2. Nagoya in Alam Sentral --> Forget about it!

3. JunDeco in Ikano -->
Selections : not so much of variety.Like only 20 choices kot. but doted on a few designs.
Price : Ranges between RM100 - RM300 per meter

4. Macy in SACC -->
Selections : Wide selections compared to Macy in Citta Mall and Macy in Ikano. Decent designs to say..
Price : Ranges from RM50 - RM70 per meter

5. SSF in Puchong -->
Selections : Quite a number of selections juga..like more than 50 choices... Out of many, spotted only few that I like.
Price : Ranges from RM60 - RM90 per meter

6. Baagus in Puchong -->
Selections : not so bagus after all
Price : Ranges RM90 and above per meter

7. Elyza's in SACC --> Omit this terus! The two sales assistance were such a snob..typical malayu tiada adab..

Essentials No. 5 - The kitchen cabinets

Lastly, the heart of the house. Like any other new home owners, kitchen cabinets is a very big deal! I mean, its the heart of the house. And getting the right design and quality and material really does matter.

Kian Classic Showroom in Kota Damansara.
Somebody was busy scrutinizing the showroom ...heheheh..papa's "blood pressure go upstairs"...
We opted for the matt & eco-class serie cabinets whereby it is said to have less of that typical kitchen cabinet distinctive smell. Lets see if it really does the trick.

As usual, measurements for my reference

Price : Subject on the layout of the cabinets.

Workmanship : Some gave positive reviews , some gave the other wise. Lets just wait and see shall we ;)

Contractor :
Kian Classic
Kota Damansara  (Hansand HQ)
No 29-1(Ground Floor), Jln PJU 5/12
Dataran Sunway­­,
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel:  +603-6140 8771
Fax: +603-6140 8772

Contact : Mr Han

Oh btw, we bought our new kitchen appliances from the annual  Signature Kitchen's warehouse sale recently. We learnt that it is comparatively worth going to a warehouse sales rather than to home expo(s)...at least you are not obliged to pursue with the vendor due to the deposit paid during the event.


I find these info on kitchen cabinet guideline very useful (well at least for us)

  • Your kitchen should not be a main thoroughfare to the rest of your home. This means traffic should not cross the kitchen work triangle.
  • The total length of the kitchen work triangle (the cumulative distance between the cooktop / fridge / sink) should not exceed 7000mm (23′). The ideal length of the kitchen work triangle lies between 4000mm (13′) and 6000mm (19′).
  • The minimum opening between kitchen cabinets in a doorway should be 800mm (31 1/2″).
  • Appliance doors or entry doors should not interfere with the work centres.
  • You should not place a full height cabinet or appliance between any two of the major work centres....

  • For the rest of the tip, do proceed to the link below

    source : Kitchen Cabinet Guideline

    For you who are still contemplating between selections of tops, hope this help :

    source : Counter top comparison chart

    That is all so far for now..shall share any other notes soon if any...insya Allah.