Tuesday, 23 September 2014

White collar skills I chose to sacrifice


Jarang sekali I quibble about my work tetapi as a mom I feel like I need to let it out untuk sedapkan hati I ..... perhaps hati mommies di luar sana about pengorbanan career movement!  ;)

Nak kata Im stressed out with work, tak sangat..

Nak kata I hate my work, pun tak jugak..Im glad Allah s.w.t bagi chance for me to help others to save lives!
*attached in the healthcare industries, Doctor saap!

Stress sebab I envy / rindu working in a big big company like old times? Hmm...ntah lah..

Or perhaps stress sebab there are abundance of opportunities out there for me but seems so hard to  to say 'Yes' ,thinking of  that entity called 'family'..hmmm...perhaps..

Or perhaps Im bored in this IT line? or perhaps Im tired of being employed? hmm...

Or mungkin all these are due to aging issue? *mentang2 baru masuk umur 31..recently Im so tired and rasa sangat fedup with the management and policies and the people at work.

Tired of people who likes to be spoon-fed

Tired of people yang kemalasan and dunno-how-to-appreciate others

Tired of the laziness of certain people yang sangat malas to even come out with a simple solution

Tired of being in the team of 'yes-we-can-even-tho-we-cant-but-yes-we-can-do-ANYTHING'

Tired of the morning traffics...

Whinning tak habis kan...

To be frank, its not so hard pun sebenarnya...I dont really do challenging stuff like to the MAX anymore since Im attached to this new-&-very-near-to-home company. Position is good. Job scope is good..Projects are good cuma sometimes I rasa macam Im slowly disintegrating all my professional skills sebab managing projects yang lebih kurang sama ..tak pun,maybe stagnant like the placid waters of Lake Wakatipu...hmmm..dramatic sangat bunyiknya...rindu NZ tiba2..

But seriously, Im not doing any large scale projects any more. Just multiple medium scale projects concurrently.

Yes I avow handling medium scale projects memang sangat tenang..
  • Except for the part where I need to fly ..its like customary pula since this new IT Director came in..
  • And for the part where somebody is trying to impress the top top hats without realizing he is actually demoralizing the whole team

Whinning tak habis lagi kan...

Anyhow.. the fact of having a fat income annually (tak la fat sangat..UK size 1..eh tiba2 size baju) really buat I bersyukur dengan apa yang ada despite those not-so-big-issue yang I bebelkan...because if I look at the colossal amount of  hikmah He gave..masyaAllah..

I got a job nearer to home...

I got a job so near to Dahlia's school...

I got a job whereby I dont have to stay back late anymore...

I got a job where I dont have midnight , 2, 3 am calls anymore..

I got a job where I got to go home early and prepare hubby's dinner..prepare as in like masak okay..

I got a job where Im able to join the Maghrib pray jemaah in the mosque..

Or perhaps able to attend night al-quran classes..insyaAllah

I got a job where I can spend the evening with my baby girl before the sun goes down..

To compare with the white collar skills I chose to sacrifice

Banyak rahmat Allah bagi sebenarnya kan...kita saje tak sedar...

To all working mommies and full time homemaker out there yang kalau2 ada the same experience / feelings like me, lets pray to Allah s.w.t that we are sacrificing the dunia for the right cause..for Allah s.w.t semata-mata. :') InsyaAllah the reward that awaits lebih dari our expectations...

And also for mommies yang are determined on your career movement,go for it!!sebab ini mungkin your rezeki but dont ever lebihkan your dreams over the entity called 'family' alright.. ;)

Rezeki Allah s.w.t bukan pada dunia indeed.

P/s: Since obtaining a business licence on childcare center (legally) is becoming so hard nowadays..no thanks in a way toMBSA, perhaps I should observe on becoming a part time house interior designer? Or starting a nasi ayam / lemak business? Anybody keen to be my business partner? Like seriously!

Alhamdulillah :)

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