Monday, 20 October 2014

Dahlia's First School Concert


When I first saw  the agenda for "19th October 2014"  in the school's yearly plan, I was all excited about it. And yesterday when the day finally comes, it brought tears to my eyes...hehehe..padahal anak orang lain yang performed dulu...hehehe..dont ask how..somehow...*proud*

Us before entering the auditorium. My always-be-my-baby girl in her white pixie costume with her pink handbag ;)

The view from our last row ;) Last or first we liked it there...ample leg area!!

Hehehe..sebab we all duduk kerusi ni... ;p 

Alhamdulillah we arrived an hour earlier...not only the parking lots were left with few but the hall was almost fullhouse too!!Jadi duduk la melangut mengumpat dulu...

The event started at 10.00 am that morning with a muti-language introduction by these little cuties taking turns on the mic..seriously the scripts were a long one for a 5-6 yo...good memory you have there girls!!

Concert performance by the classes...

Here are some of the adorable photos captured on that day....

Bonjour Scene  ( at the village)

Little Belle in blue

The children were having fun performing :)   

Beauty & the Beast Scene ( In the castle) 

"Be Our Guest"  

Me and my mom laughed our hearts out through out this song..dearly because of that adorable big size girl yang could not stop scratching her 'bum-bum'..siap selak her fluffy dress and 4-5 times okayyy.......hehehehe...maybe the stockings were dear, seriously you made my day ..hugssss... :')

The prince met the witch who then turned him into this funny beast...

One of their teacher with his role as the Beast 

Wow...our little Belle has now grown a little taller and woah prince!...terkopak ketiak aiii... ;p

Peter Pan Never Land Scene

The little fairies in white!!! ENCHANTING!!!! Thats my little baby on the stage!!! :')

It was as if she was looking at the camera kan..walhal we all duduk nuuuunnn jauh at the top seated area nun...remember....

Looking not-so-her (that girly ala-ala sweet) with that flying movement hands...again..we were laughing and thrilled at the same time..bukan apa..sebab tak sangka she would participate without any hiccups...knowing her mood..she would either not cooperate at all or goodness dahlia..Papa and I are so proud of you!!!Alhamdulillah...

"Muka yang senyum sikit" , mr husband observed

I wonder, siapa la dia duk tengok situ...perhaps the video-cameraman..harap nya banyak la her pics in the the CD nanti 
*CD purchased from school upon order

And back she goes to the back stage making way for Peter Pan and friends..:') hehehhe...she was the only one walking with that flying hands :p hehehhe..OVER anak mak! Muahhhhhh....bulat!!

Beautiful stage set

See how exhilarated they were ...happy saje menari tergedik sana sini..captivating sungguh thier performances ...ada yang terlebih lompat..ada yang out of the move terus..syok sendri...ada yang terjatuh..tersepak mic pun ada...heheh..such a momento!

Arabian Nights Scene

They wrapped the day up with a nice special "Frozen" performance and this whole family picture!!

RKBJ with their kids!!!

Smaller picture sebab kalau besar nanti pipi mami nampak tembam sangat ;p

It was almost noon by the time the event finished...and since the concert was held there at the Dewan Sivik MBPJ...apa lagi,drive out a little bit and to...Nasi Kandar Zainul kita!!!

So there, our day on Dahlia's first concert day.

REAL Kids Plus Bukit Jelutong Annual Concert 2014
Date : 19th October 2014
Venue : Dewan Sivik MBPJ

Before I end this post, I would like to congratulate all the teachers and associates of the school who have worked and prepared well for this event. Its not an easy task to train KIDS with all the scripts, the steps , and the movement and so forth ..ITS NOT EASY...but you all made it through!!Two thumbs up!!!

For those aunties who sarcastically criticized saying that the event was a 'failure', mind you makcik, who are you to say that at all!This event is to loosen up the mind bukan to show off kebijaksanaan apakan lagi kemewahan..

What ever you say makcik,I doakan you dapat hidayah so that you are able to feel being in the teacher's shoes. Anyhow, Im sure the rest of the audience had fun and proud watching their kids and grand kids performed up there..

...after all its not all about being perfect, its all about just doing it!Capisce? :)...

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