Friday, 5 December 2014

Dahlia's cooking class with MPH


This is going to be a very quick post (I hope - Im having a chat-meeting with Apple later..sempat je tulis post to share out this event dengan u all kan...baik tak i?hahahah)

Just minutes ago, I received a confirmation from MPH on the enrollment of this kids cooking workshop.

Nothing fancy on the price compared to the experience that Dahlia will gain.. only RM35/child.

The seats are still available as of this morning. So if you are interested to join the fun, do check 'em out.

No fuss about that "Exclusively for MRC  Junior member"...if you are not, becoming a member is just a click away and it is without any cost ;)

So hurry up parents!!! Jom tengok anak-anak kita buat pie!

Sekian.. :) InsyaAllah kita jumpa at the workshop eh...tegur la I nanti ok sambil cakap.."I register workshop ni after baca blog u tau..."...hahhaha...perasan!!!but seriously...jom!!!

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