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2nd Confinement : Guide to make red date tea


Last entry was in March..reason? Malas due to office work and the morning sickness yang bukan sahaja in the morning,but all day round for the whole term..well almost... Anyway all those will be lifted off my shoulders soon insyaAllah ;)

My EDD is approaching soon..and its a YIPPIE for me last day for my maternity leave will also be my last day in the corporate world. Words cannot describe how happy this make me feel.

A decision I made without much hustle in mind..Alhamdulillah dengan percaturan and rezeki Allah..

:) Dont know how I will be handling the days nanti..but I have no doubt coz Im putting my full trust in Allah s.w.t...I know He will help us through..emotionally and mentally and financially...ameen...

So back to my confinement preparation.Nothing much indeed. Barang-barang guna semula sahaja from Dahlia's barang. We just top up on the consumables sahaja..Other than that, isnyaAllah cukup.

Now,this first entry I nak share to myself about "Guide to make red date tea"

Memang sedap. Dulu masa 1st pantang, my mom yang selalu buatkan this drink..I like.For this 2nd pantang,semua try buat sendiri..insyaAllah.

Brief  about these herbs : READ HERE

So last Sunday, I went to Eu Yan Sang Taipan,USJ and bought these.


Wolfberry / Qi Zi Wang                                            Dry Longan / Shen Shai Yuan Rou
500 gm = RM47.70                                                    200 gm = RM15


   Red Dates                                                                  Codonopsis Root / Dang Shen
   500 gm = RM33.92                                                   250 gm = RM62.50

I found a page yang share out the recipe.but He is using more herb for me, I'll just use what ever I have cukup insyaAllah.. After all, Im also taking the Malay herbs (jamu) supplement.

Source :

Note: Prices shown in his pictures are year 2012 prices ya..
Picture from

Picture from

Ada few recipe shared from that blog, I simplified them all to below. Harap bermanfaat to all mommies and daddies too :)

Recipe A
Step 1: 7 red dates and 7 black dates in a porcelain pot
Step 2: 2 litre of water. Once water is boiling, the drink is ready

Recipe B: 5 days after delivery,to be consumed once every 2 days
Same steps. More ingredients.
Red Date x 5
Black Date x 8
Dry Longan x 5

Recipe C: 7 days after delivery, once a day
Same steps. More ingredients.
Red Date x 5
Black Date x 9
Chinese Yam x 14
Wolfberry x 7
Codonopsis Root x 1

Recipe D: 10 days after delivery, everyday
Same steps. More ingredients.
Red Date x 8
Black Date x 8
Dry Longan x 8
Wolfberry x 10
Codonopsis Root x 1

*Add more longan to have sweet taste

Be safe and happy berpantang sendiri !

Will share out more stuff about my pantang-sendiri journey insyAllah.

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